• Beach Ready Cravings Candy
  • Beach Ready Cravings Candy

Beach Ready Cravings Candy

Give in to your cravings

  • Never accidentally eat the whole box of crackers and wonder what happened
  • No watching the clock waiting to eat, stay full and satisfied
  • No Sugar crash that leaves you with less energy than before
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Indulge without falling off the wagon

Eat Less

Control Cravings

Sweet Treat

Low Calorie

Mental Boost

Helps feed healthy gut bacteria

Go ahead, Treat yourself

You deserve a sweet treat, but don’t let a quick snack turn into a full on binge. Grab a couple Cravings Candy, have your treat, and eat it too.

  • Boring meetings

  • Late Afternoon sleepy time

  • Relaxing after dinner

Delicious Taste with Powerful Ingredients.

Safe and Natural Ingredients

  • Soluble Fiber

    Fiber can help you feel full longer, control cravings and make better food choices.

The Science Natural Supplements Promise

We truly believe in our products completely, and we go above and beyond to provide you with the highest-quality natural ingredients possible.

Here at Science Natural Supplements, we have one mission- to help you reach your health and wellness goals FASTER. Unlike the other guys who promote magic pills and snake oil, the natural ingredients in our products are scientifically proven to speed up the process.

And to show you how much we believe in this, our guarantee is simple - if you have ANY problem with your order, we will solve it. Simply reach out to our friendly Customer Happiness Team within 180 days of your order and we’ll make sure you’re fully taken care of.

Just the FAQs

Beach Ready Cravings Candy has a tart Sour Raspberry taste.

Not only can you, we actually recommend it. Besides who can eat just two pieces of candy at once.

Not at all. In fact, the best part about Beach Ready Cravings Candy is they help keep you on track, so the other Beach Ready Bites work even better.

Yes, the Beach Ready Cravings Candy are completely safe. They’re made in a state-of-the-art GMP compliant facility following the doctor’s special, proprietary process. So it’s no surprise thousands of women have reported incredible results… without any side-effects.

You can take Cravings Candy when you are feeling a craving, obvs. But you could also take them before a meal, so you feel full faster.

Cravings Candy starts working right away. You won’t have to wait long at all. You should see your cravings vanish in less time than it takes to watch the next episode of your favorite show.